Cirque du Soleil

29 01 2010

For a while I was her boy toy
she bought me off the shelf
until she got tired of my music and my jokes
and decided to join the circus

it’s the classic manic-depressive
compulsive shopping syndrome
she sees something shiny and takes it home
then decides it doesn’t fit the decor
or was it made in China out of cardboard?
it’s not love anymore, it’s just furniture

So she wants to join the circus
she’s got her eye on the strongman
because the lion tamer is gay
she thinks there must be a better way

I always join the circus when life becomes a bore
it’s the only sensible solution
you find one trick and do it to perfection
anything to amaze and delight
something never done before

I don’t know what her previous occupation was
something to do with being admired but never touched
so now she wants to join the circus
or anything to get away from the furniture that she bought
and her aging body and her dreams unfulfilled
house repairs are tedious. Leave the house.
Join the circus.

I recommend it.
In the circus you must live the show
you eat and sleep your act
you practice your craft all day long
when you are not hoisting tent or shoveling elephant shit,
you are juggling torches and walking the wire
while learning to live in a community of odd-balls
and geeks and dwarves and clowns
and practicing and practicing and practicing
that’s the circus life

She was born to be a contortionist
a dancer of angle and stretch
flexible as convenience
she should join the circus

I’m the daring young man on the flying trapeze
I work without a net and never say please,
only thank you and come back tomorrow
it’s the greatest show on earth

The trouble with running away to join the circus
is that no matter where you run to, there you are
and when you get to the circus you will discover
that you have to work on your act every day, every minute
just like you do in the life you are trying to escape
Do it with alacrity. You are in the circus now.




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