The Devil’s Algebra

29 01 2010

The Devil’s Algebra

The variables are:
benevolent greed,
oppressive freedom,
fraud squared by hairs divided.
The loudest fraction always wins.

The equal sign has two edges
and it cuts both ways like sin and negative numbers
the wages are multiplied in powers
on compound expressions

don’t trust your instincts, do the math
I’ll smoke your exponents
my calculations are harder than long division
all bets are solved on the dotted line in blood

Nerves balanced on a spine
like brain karma arithmetic
if the Sox can win, then anything can happen

For geometry and trig you need lower demons than Satan
as if mathematics were settled by the electoral college
When statistics start to make sense, you are really in trouble
the vagabonds of random chance might jar you from the mean.

pull the stem to find the root
the universities ignore this solution
formulas are vacant of sound
in the real game we vote with our bats
and our gloves. Where resin meets chalk.

Calculus needs a good stiff drink
to sort differentials from constants
and on a sliding scale
it’s the random factor that will get you every time.

Beat is the pedigree of rhyme
the equation swings rather than marches
and higher math depends on arithmetic
it’s why you can’t calculate music or love.




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