Fallen Angel

30 01 2010

The Angel told me
that I was her Guardian Person

She had fallen from Heaven, you see
and couldn’t find her metro-pass, you know
Heaven is a long way home

I mentioned that I didn’t think she could
get to Heaven from here
without first going Downtown
she offered to let me buy her a ticket

she was much like a child
with fragile innocence
she asked questions like
what are tombstones? and
why don’t angels laugh?

but she also was possessed
with the mischief required
to survive a fall
she played small tricks on me
said things like, “I will love you
eternally and forever……..Just kidding.”
“God told me that He created you with a purpose– To light my cigarette for me Right Now.”

I started to wonder
if I was cut out to be a Guardian Person
having never done well with plants or pets
but this is what an Angel gets
for falling into the lap of a poet




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