What’s In a Name?

30 01 2010

Corporal Punishment

Straf was her family name
it was a difficult name to grow up with
it means punishment in Dutch

Until she joined the Marines
started out a private with one bar
and graduated through the ranks
when she got two bars she became
Corporal Punishment
thus was born her new career

When she served her hitch,
was mustered out
the civvies she wore were fishnets
and stiletto heels
she learned to use the whip in boot camp

Her business card read:

Corporal Punishment
Professional Dominatrix Services
We Rule

she was an expert at what she did
could turn a client into creamed wheat
with the semper fi tone of her voice
you’ve never been dominated until
you’ve been dominated by an ex-marine

since there is always a market for abuse,
her enterprise went well
a tycoon of domination
she franchised it coast to coast
made an obscene amount of dough

last I heard she was
showing her softer side
started a boot camp
for troubled girls
teach them the tricks of a trade, you know




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