A Momentary Letter To A Friend

1 02 2010

I don’t know exactly when you had ‘the moment’

you know, satori, wake up and smell the coffee time

but our recent conversations lead me to believe that you

have had ‘the moment’

It’s the moment when you realize that your time is limited and that the only things that are worth doing are the things you love.

I had my moment about the turn of the century.

My body was ravaged by heroin and methadone.

I looked at my skeletal remains in the bathtub

and realized I had only a limited time left here on the planet to accomplish whatever the hell it was I’m supposed to do.

This shows what a dummy I am because we all have only a limited time. It just took me over fifty years to realize this so I had my moment

I realized

that there was no time to work on maggie’s farm no mo.’

The only things that mattered were the things that I loved and needed to do. I looked around and the only things that seemed to matter were my flute, my piano and my notebook.

Yes, it sounds like you’ve had your ‘moment?’

I hear you say: “i am addicted to my monetary income”

In the Old West I think they called it a trickle or a seep.

it was a crack in some rock in the desert where one drop of water trickled out every hour

of course you had to be there to catch it or it would evaporate in five minutes

yes, I think they called it a trickle but it might have been a seep

they may have called it maggie’s farm the thing about a trickle is

you can’t accumulate enough water to take with you

you can just get enough to survive as long as you stay there

if you leave, you have to bet on the possibility

of finding another seep before de-hydration sets in and you are stuck loveless and moneyless in the desert, you know, on Route 666 just outside of Barstow (somewhere between Dallas and New Delhi)

the trickle is momentary at best

pay attention to your ‘moment’

‘moment’ is momentum




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