Lightning Rod’s Stretch Marks

2 02 2010

not enough

not enough cocoa butter

to vanish my stretch marks

when I gave birth to our love

a germ swift and lubricated

genesis pulls the tissue asunder

what’s above and

what is under

a globe infected with life

and wonder

we stood helpless

as it grew and grew

a pirate’s plunder

stashed in a womb

the fetus of our facile blunder

the love, like all babies

was an evil little thing at birth

only wanting worship and breast milk

grew and grew

grew up to be

a suckled adult

I felt nine months pregnant

with no trust fund

the baby

once a virus without a cell phone

now a grasping child

enchanted by mirrors

it grew from a lonely germ

I was both mother and father

our love the fated offspring

the sly incest, the stain of pride

desolation’s parthenogene

my imagination went bankrupt

I couldn’t pay the child support

the interest on my alimony was too high

I hated our love like science hates miracles

so I salve my stretch marks and

put myself up for adoption

an orphan of your indifference

not enough

not enough




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