My Bandana

2 02 2010

the key to my disguise is the bandana
it changes colors, you see
and sizes and shapes
it has even been observed as an umbrella

Oh, yes I could wear it across my Jesse James face
or hang it from my back pocket and posture for my posse
or dance like Salome and the bandana becomes seven veils

I forgot to tell you that the bandana is also a time machine
when I wrap it around my head I become a Saracen or a pirate
or a goddam cool rapper with cold hard attitude

When I wear it around my neck, I can be mistaken
for Errol Flynn or Bogey in Treasure of the Sierra Madre
then my bandana becomes a silken sheet
and when I drape it over my lovely assistant
she disappears sawed in half and the magic of my lust
makes her reappear on the tiger’s back.

It’s a simple bandana of indeterminate color
I can be a Blood or a Crip at the blink of an eye
that’s why I call my bandana Chameleon.

Don’t look for me at the party
I’ll drink the booze and clean out the dips
and you’ll never even know I was there
and don’t blow your nose on my bandana




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