Things A Poet Should Remember

2 02 2010

The poet knows that his words will be misread
or if not misread at least misunderstood
Else he’s taken by surprise,
hoist on the bombast of his expectations

He becomes full of himself
starts to believe his own press
warm air hisses through his tragic flaw
like wind through a sandstone maw

there is a canyon in his mountain dream
he becomes useless as an object
but that’s the ambition of a poet
to make friends with the lonely night

He slept with the wife of Socrates
fun but none the wiser for it
thinks he could rewrite the psalms
if God would only give him a break

You can’t fake a fakir drunk on the genuwine
The mirage is real, it’s just not water
Words have no mass or gravity
These things a poet should remember




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