Dracula Drooling

5 02 2010

icon dialectic, crap DraCoolas
bonobo lolitas,
I’m a lackluster bon vivant
and love life even as Cordet raises her dagger

my Nobakov knees are chapped from the floor
It’s the Crusades all over again
my agent wanted to change my name to Humplebert Inkldink
when I fired him he looked insulted.

The Impaler never looks back
If cartoon characters had a union
Yosemite Sam would be president.

give me Cordet with a knife over Bronte with a pen any day
the guillotine is an honest instrument. not unlike the electric guitar
Jaques Roux on lead. My fractals are named Patrick Henry.

the angels are ajar with revolution
Robespierre was a wimp compared to Osama
it’s the classic comparison between words and action.

David was the perfect revolutionary
Like Osama with a deft blow
why use A-bombs when jet fuel will do?
a stern rock in a sling, a bandage.

napolean as depicted by David
heroic as the evening news
hand to his breast

my pipe dreams are anonymous
I’m a gilded icon, a refracted image
you should have heard the crash
when Goliath fell.




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