Your Choice

5 02 2010

Who will decide when I die?
Will it be god or the doctors?
No, I will decide

Will I charge into a hail of gunfire?
Jump from a plane with a poorly packed chute?
Strap a bomb on for a cause?
Succumb to all my tragic flaws?

Have an affair with the wife of a man who owns guns?
Or just destroy myself having too much fun?
See how fast I can go in a car?
No matter, I will decide.

I won’t die of boredom or a creeping disease
nor fear nor not anger, I’ve finished with these
I could take the swim to China
or put myself in the deep freeze
But I will decide

Too important to do unconsciously
I think I’ll die in passion, die suddenly
It always happens in an instant
when the soul drops this body’s weight
I will pick the time, I will pick the place

Put me in an ambulance
and take me for a ride
for all the times I’ve told the truth
and all the times I’ve lied
Only time and circumstance
will feed my hungry pride
Put me in an ambulance
and take me for a ride

When the Old Man comes
I won’t hide
In the end
I will decide.




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