Hearts and Heads

12 02 2010

they’ll get you for harboring
a renegade heart geronimo sane
one of dicken’s curmudgeons
part of fagin’s gang of urchins
and thieves and pickpockets with
hands as light as ghosts on bosoms

beyond the spectrum of visable light
are vibrations short and long some
like licks from a frantic tongue some
long and luxuriant like whale noises
and love waves are longest
do you feel them? The heartbeats?

spare eyed rubrics on the inconsequential
was jazz neccessary of course snot its rare
for creative energy to be caught and sold
like an exotic import the very nature of art
is uselessness my love for you has no purpose.
but it beats on, a quixote heart.

what vibrates if not love?
and a vibration is a one time affair
waves are lonely and move in rows
Remember how the saying goes?
What don’t kill you
Will make you wish you were dead
The beat is useless if you keep it in your head

Sky and the stock market predict the weather
got an email strike a match at nine oclock
will save the world from chain letters and
telemarketers not licenced by the state to
have access to your pocketbook, blood count
and pin numbers, buying habits, movie choices
and how you like it in bed. That’s why jazz can
have no possible purpose nor my love for you.
The beat is useless unless you keep it in your head

No possible purpose to jazz or poetry or love
cept maybe the continuation of the species but
ramrod quixote cock operas are waiting to be
tattooed on brittney’s perfect belly and inna few
years it’ll be hard to read cuz tits sag like all flesh
jazz and love don’t sag but presto allegro till the
beat is solid in your head so you forget about it
the beat
the beat
is useless unless you keep it in your head




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