LR On Blues

12 02 2010


Lightning Rod has the blues tonight.
I don’t know why I should have the blues.
My belly is full and I’m surrounded by love,
there’s beer in the box and plenty of smokes.
But still I have the blues.

(now you can hear the upright bass and
some brushes on a snare and high hat)

That’s the nature of the blues
you don’t know where they came from
or when they’ll leave you alone
It’s just a good man feelin’ bad
children far away from home

(here comes the guitar with wah-wah
makes it sound like a lonely gunslinger)

if you understand the blues, they lose
their power over life and libido
it’s more than one-four-five
it’s more than twelve bars
it’s wondering why we’re alive
we sing the blues to lick our scars.

(the backup singers with oohs and ahhs
drop in, the smoky tenor sax)

If we knew where the blues come from
it would be like knowing what god looks like
or where you go when you die
It’s best the blues remain
a mystery of joy and pain.


I’m bluer than a milk of magnesia bottle
bluer than the State of New York
bluer than Picasso on his period
blue as the heart of a flame

but you can’t blame the blues
the blues is a verb not a noun
makes you stand up or git down
so, don’t accuse the blues

a cobalt criminal with a harp
I play the blues in B sharp
which is a C you see?
Don’t blame the blues

Do dat you’re bound to lose
when we abuse the blues
we bruise our enthusiasm
put it on cruise, don’t fit our shoes

the opportunity blues is something to use
to amuse yourself with a color or shade
but the ruse of the blues is that it’s sad
nothing short of booze can make you happier




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