Sudden Chill

12 02 2010

It’s become suddenly cold
The petal-light flakes
Meander to the ground
Or hover like flies

Should we die from an excess
Of communication. Fortified wines
Sherries of our confrontations.

We can brandish our gallahads
Spring discords and scratch blackboards
Clutch our suspicions from offhand
Drunkeness is veri veri veritas

It has become suddenly cold
The earth breathes under there
Somewhere under there
The Spring hides.

The earth always remembers summer
What changes
Changes again.
You tilt my planet on it’s axis
One season leans toward
One season leans away

The circulation of orbs reckoning
Slipped from their paths, wanderers
Held tight centrifugal in the loop compelled
Trying to fly on a straight newtonian line
But curved by their worship

The sun recovers
Pimpled by radio spots
The flare of seasons
The seasons themselves recover
Fight with transition
Like we do.




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