Chance Meetings

14 02 2010

I went to college with Van
we bent an elbow together now and then
in Denton at the Final Exam
and talked about our freshmen girlfriends

Ten years pass and we’re thirtyish
Greenville Avenue Bar and Grill
place is a Dallas institution
run into Van one evening just past happy hour
he says to me peering over his glass,
‘You know, Lightning Rod
I went back up to Denton the other day
and had a couple of drinks at Ruby Begonia’s
and you know what? I’m not making any sense to freshmen these days
I think it’s gonna be barmaids and divorcees from here on out.”

Now thirty more years go by
The Final Exam and Ruby Begonia’s are both long gone
but The Greenville Avenue Bar and Grill is still there
Dallas institution
guess who I run into? My older friend Van.
I peeked at him over my glass and said,
“You know what, Van, I’m not making sense to anyone these days
I guess it’s gonna be pity-fucks and prostitutes from here on out.”




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