Puppy Love

14 02 2010

I started school when I was five
smaller than the rest of the kids
in first grade I met my first girlfriend
her name was connie with long brown braids
and bangs that were perfectly straight
it was my first physical relationship

I thought she was Liz Taylor made my size
our romance went something like this:
I sat behind her in class and gently
tugged her pigtails, maybe not always gently
but she giggled and didn’t scream

She picked me up on the playground.
I mean literally. LIke I said, I was small
and she delighted in picking me up from behind
she would carry me around,
show me off to her friends

this annoyed me very much
my incipient male ego was bruised
how humiliating to be carried around
by a Girl
but that’s how we learn humility, I suppose
by being humiliated

I’m sure it peeved her to have her pigtails pulled
as we learned to be boys and girls
we delighted in the small irritations that
we could innocently provide for each other
when we laid our heads down on our desks
at sweet rest period, we made faces at each other
we were in pure puppy love

I was stamped by that first experience
since then all my love affairs
contain the playground and the classroom
fascination, irritation, tease and challenge
kids on the playground
we learn to be men and women there




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