Slapstick Sex

14 02 2010

sex is a joke
first you have the
buildup flirtation
then the situational foreplay
then the punch line

humor is a substitute for sex
sometimes it’s not funny

this is why I’m a comedian
and not a stud or a cocksman
it’s a literal substitution
and kinder than sex

tension is the source of all art
some call it conflict
a fight between light and dark
stimulation and sedation
stupidity and reason

without tension
there is no resolve
foreplay vs. orgasm, release

a good firm slap
is the only solution
to a woman who
thinks that art can change the world

there is funny haha
or funny weird
or the kind of funny
where your soul is seared

that’s why I’m a dead pan
sex is just a joke
I would be a stand up comic
if I could just get it to stand up




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