Cinderella Story

16 02 2010

Once upon a kidney stone
there lived a young attitude problem
with more credit cards than her father had accountants

The parole board was jealous of her free spirit
and resorted to even the lowest magic
they tried every twisted ritual a bureaucrat could contrive
they even stuck pins in her urinalysis

they slapped a high-tech cowbell on her ankle
turned her around backwards
made her take the twelve steps
to the tune of ridicule
snickers masked all the way
to the moron bardo

Her cunt was smooth and oiled as a well-used tool
and she could spot a fool by the look in his pants
with just one glance she could make the money
melt in his pocket

she had to admit
they gave her every chance to fail
but she just couldn’t do it

not for her own self image
not for her parole officer
not for her evil step-mother
not even for daddy’s credit cards

she just couldn’t sustain her mediocrity
that’s why her subjects loved her
and HOW they loved her
they loved her like the camera loved her
like lawyers love death and bankruptcy
like a dentist loves a toothache

the cops and preachers feared her
for her freedom
but her step-mother hated her
for her beauty.




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