The Dark Horse

16 02 2010

welcome to the Belmont, ladies and gentlemen
the last and longest event of the coveted Triple Crown

This reporter, for one, has the farm bet on this race
we see the horses coming into the gate

on the rail, we have Mr. Addiction
in the number two position there is Fast Living
in the number three slot there is Emphysema
followed by Sugar Diabetes

in gate number five is the philly Colleen Cancer
followed by the favorite, General Malaise
Heart Attack is in the seventh gate
and on the outside we have Blind Lemon Cataract
Hep C Bisquit won’t be in the race, he stumbled at Pemlico
had to be put down

This race is too close to call, ladies and gentlemen
we will see who takes the jockey over the finish line

and they are off!
Mr. Addiction takes an early lead
followed closely by Fast Living
Sugar Diabetes is holding his own

coming into the first turn
Fast Living is taking over the lead
on the inside Heart Attack is making a move

coming down the backstretch
Emphysema is looking winded
but holding his own
a length ahead of Colleen Cancer

In the final turn, Sugar Diabetes has taken the lead
a neck ahead of Fast Living
Heart Attack is straining on the inside

Blind Lemon Cataract turned the wrong way on the last turn
Mr. Addiction is bringing up the rear
Fast living is faltering fast, now in fourth

Into the home stretch
Emphysema and Heart Attack are making their moves
but now on the outside General Malaise is stretching out
this is going to be a photo finish, ladies and gentlemen
we’re coming to the wire

the Dark Horse wins




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