The Gunslingers

16 02 2010

X bent over to get the soap
he pressed ‘send’ and the bar shoots
across the floor gone like virginity

sometimes technology disappears
and pure passion takes over
like miracles have speed bumps
ephemeral as zeros and ones

save your work

when the X man walks into town
just how the old gunfighters looked,
like they knew everything–
what god looks like
and where you go when you die

Billy the Kid had no social agenda
he was just shootin at some food
and trying to stay out of trouble.

Jesse James had no credit cards
he made his withdrawals on impulse
at the point of an X

Even Dillinger had his gentle side
if you nuzzled the muzzle of his Thompson
he would take you to the movies

what if Dracula had a six gun?
it makes my blood run cold
my slam dunk disposition
I knew Clay before he was Mohammed

the jester has to keep a straight face
especially when he’s doing a bank job
Dracula spins the cylinder and locks the hammer
you can see the ice in his eyes

the saloon clock strikes High Noon
Cagney’s dance is over
and Gary Cooper walks into town
inscrutable as a cowboy
his lectures are short
his caliber long
I’ve been on Boot Hill forever
I mock the living
just like I mock the dead.

the shell casings are barely cool on the floor
when I ask the ‘tender for another drink
In the Wild West you have to be able to shoot as straight
cold drunk as stoned sober.

X’s and O’s just amount to tic-tac-toe
zeros and ones don’t count as lead in your chest




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