Guppy Love

17 02 2010

(as sung by The Captain and Tenille.)

my gills ache from sucking air
it’s too thin a liquid
this fish is tortured by the atmosphere
flipping on dry land, he drowns in oxygen

my curling scales need your water
I have no eyelids
I feel my membranes stiffen and parch
no time for evolution.

I dance the desperate can-can
dirt spasms wish for mud custard
the moisture reflex takes over
I yearn and gasp for aqua fathoms.

you dance in the air that smothers me
does love evaporate like a stagnant pond?
thunder promises me a breath of rain
will I ever swim again?

I long for your depths like a thirsty man
I beg for your bouyancy and silky friction
a hopeless junky for your wetness
save me with your sweat and tears.

Even your humid breath can sustain me
I’ll lick the condensation from your lenses
or let me swim in your veins, inhale your blood
your heart is an aquarium, I’m a guppy for your love.




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