Top Cat

19 02 2010

I drove a taxi cab for about a year.
I figured it was my literary duty.

The radio call came at about ten in the morning.
Well dressed fellow.

There is a chain of catfish restaurants in Dallas.
Top Cat. This guy was the owner.

I said, “Where to?”
He said, “Just drive.”

We rode for a couple of hours
and he talked. Confided in me.

Told me that he did this from time to time
instead of going to a shrink, just rode and talked.

There is something about
bartenders and cabdrivers

they are cheaper than psychiatrists
and not nearly so judgmental

they are just looking for the tip or the fare
and if they incidentally happen to care……

whores are cheaper than psychiatrists too
and the fringes are better

Every time I get a chance
I eat supper at Top Cat




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