The Persistence of Vanity (duet)

23 02 2010

He wanted to screw me
but I was already screwed up
or just unscrewed

he must feel abandoned as a Bonobo
no place to put his hardness
no socket for his bulb

nausea is a clever damsel
and her skin has tiny legs
it crawls like a centipede

I don’t know which is worse
bad music or bad verse
sex has its own lexicon

the miser counts his treasure
and then he counts it again
thus it gathers no dust or interest

like a crack-head rapper rapt
victim of his own experiment
he just wants to screw me

I can’t touch him like I touch myself
with spit on my finger, the perfect pulse
I screw a token image

a kodak of yesterday
I was a dancer once, you see
You would never guess to look at me

Screwing is so mundane
they have power tools for that
just pull the trigger, plug and play

Everybody wants to screw me
I just know they do
I’m irresistible you see

I can’t take my eyes off of me
friction bumps on lubrication
He just wanted to screw me.

Part 2 Empty Space

she thought her pussy was a prize on stilts
something that all men desired
but it was just a vacuum surrounded by flesh

an empty place
where nothing was welcome but her finger

she thought they were all in love with her
because she was so in love with herself

no, she was in love with the thought
of being in love with herself

even after the evidence
she couldn’t imagine why

she thought her pussy was real estate
and she could sell it for a profit

but it’s a buyer’s market these days
property values are going down

the bubble has burst like a virgin’s cherry
it’s hard to sell empty space




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