The Price Is Right

23 02 2010

everything has it’s price
It costs nothing to be nice
it’s a good thing too because I’m broke

if I had something, I would share it with you
but I have nothing so I’ll gladly share that too

at least it doesn’t cost to breathe
the air is free for now, but the price is going up

what it costs to get from here to there
what it costs to stay exactly where you are
and wait for inflation to raise the bar on survival

I consulted an economist who moonlights as a witch-doctor
he shook the bones, he shook the dice
and told me
everything has its price

there is the price of wheat and the price of rice
the price of pizza by the slice
I’ll say it once, I’ll say it twice
I’ll say it twice, I’ll say it thrice
Has its price




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