Work Ethic

23 02 2010

I have a very strong work ethic
it goes something like this:
I work for ME, not for You.

ethics are different for different people
some think a good work ethic is
being awakened by an annoying alarm
and dousing yourself in the shower before
the boring commute and then punching a clock
after which you nurse your coffee and kill some time
before you get down to the serious business
of looking like you are busy. Rent on a warm body.
Ethical? No.

pointless work is the hardest work
an accomplishment returns more than the effort
it looks easy once it’s done

ethical work should barely be noticed
appear like it happened by magic
nobody wants to see you grunt
and moan while making sausage
they just want breakfast

the essence of the work ethic is economy
spare the theatrics and do the job, then rest
but remember: I work for ME and not for You.
because I have a strong work ethic.




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