Book of Changes

24 02 2010

I’m making some changes in my life
It’s about time, but it’s always about time

I’m not going to sleep anymore, only pass out
I’m giving up my bad habits, like working and waiting

I won’t smoke unless I am awake
but oh, I forgot, I’ve given up sleep

I’m swearing off frivolous sex and having impromptu children
but that’s no problem because
only post-menopausal women look at me anyway
and that happens rarely

I’m giving up all pretense of being a poet
it’s a bad job to start with, but at least the pay is no good

yes, I’m making some changes in my life

I’m going to take up the Jew’s harp
(I know that there is a less ethnic name for the instrument
but I can’t remember what it is.)
either that or the dijeridu

I’m not going to make decisions anymore
we see where that has gotten me
nor am I going to learn from my mistakes
who wants the same old mistakes?
I want to learn new mistakes
mistakes that nobody has ever made before

henceforth I will only procrastinate in the future tense
I will only say I am going to do something when it’s already done
this will free my time for the important things
like not doing what I meant to do

This changing your life thing is very intoxicating
I could get hooked on it like some people get hooked on plastic surgery

I need a new ID
this name is old and rusty
and it’s not like I would miss my credit rating
would a sex change be too severe?
perhaps just a change in atmosphere

I think I’ll sell resort property in the Antarctic
there’s bound to be a market
the investors will be swarming
when I harness the power of global warming

the possibilities are endless
when you are making changes in your life

there is a book about this,
it’s called the I Ching
I know it’s a trivial thing
the same old sixes and sevens
but it’s a handy manual to have
when you are making changes in your life.




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