Hard Times (lyric)

24 02 2010

My 401-kaaay
they’ve taken it away
we’ve both lost our jobs
I’ve cashed my insurance
there’s no assurance
we will survive

My 401-kaaay
has totally gone gay
the market took a dive
forget the investments
our real estate bubble has POPPED!
by the minute, by the minute
this house is getting smaller

so, there goes our retirement
it should be a requirement
to stuff your money in a can
the mortgage is upside down
and the place is falling down
we’re back to where we began

we must take desperate measures
consolidate our treasures
rent a room, plant a garden perhaps
tighten up our belts, economize
cut all the corners, organize
we either perish or we adapt.

Let’s don’t be hoarders
We can take boarders
we’ll split the expenses
let down our defenses
be one big happy family
facing adversity

Hard Times
Hard Times
they bring us together.
where is my 401-kaaay?




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