Last Poem

24 02 2010

yer only as good as your last poem, baby
succinct soliloquys
rasta criticisms and twelve steps at a time
an erect perspective, inject, reflect, inspect
and count the hours, the hours of our lives
and divide and counterpoint the rigid sonatas
off the end of the scale, make my bail, the maximum
six percent sythesized to mcdonald’s dynasties
intersecting aztecs with their calendars and extracted hearts
jutting into the minute held aloft and sacrificed
super-nova kid’s meal double fries designer greasy envelope
digits on a credit card banked and seedless thrashed
admission to the stadium franchise wandering
go maximized like a jpeg lounging on the universe
web of dimensions, souls floundering on the internet
I don’t need concentration; I need dope.

glaciers snatched tuning up on circumstance
the last poem written was ceturies ago in middle english
on the road to shakespeare rotten amsterdam of
hash and whores relentless tombstones of desire
diluted by lust and indifference. Scattered eschatology.

The planets have no destination but are
slinging, thrust into compulsive orbits
melody against rhythm; melody against
the stock market for oh nine kay
the milky weigh is more than a candy bar
the last poem was seen leaving the building
elvis lusting after joan of arc smoking crack
from a staight glassed by centuries
i’m not nostrodamus
can’t see millenia unfold
poems are extinct as miracles
and belief in what is untold
watch it unfold




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