May-December Song

24 02 2010

I wonder why I even bother
I’m old enough to be her father
but when she looks at me
with total admiration
my heart will race
I need sedation

If you want to know the truth
she takes me back to my youth
when life and love were innocent
just bright eyes and adoration
It’s all just too much for me
I think I need sedation

She knows I’m a jerk
but admires my work
she even knows that I’m married
but there are perks
for being a jerk
they are many and varied

what was I thinking?
I must have been drinking.
she’s only half of my age
I say Rimbaud
she thinks Sylvester Stallone
are we really on the same page?

From May to December
maybe I’ll dismember her
and put her in my freezer
after all she’s a young girl
and I’m just an old geezer

I couldn’t please her if I tried
or appease her if I lied
it’s more than a distraction
a definite attraction
but I wonder why I bother
I’m old enough to be her father.




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