Your Champion

24 02 2010

your ancient pains can crawl into my breast
like a slow herpes simplex complex beyond
my understanding and my body aches with fever
your hurt is my hurt and wrenches me while
I try to let it pass; I can’t always let it pass
we are all weak as jelly in some private way
all I know is your opinion of yourself

tiny muscles around my eyes start to spasm
you can’t see the spasms behind my sternum
I would be ashamed if you did; weak as jelly
our bond is too close for me not to feel your
shame and salvation; why we go to church in
the first place, not knowing that evil lives there
too and trades in weakness and jelly; bitter jelly

no, don’t hide your pain from me even though
i must relive it and open the files fermented
my body shakes from the fear and anger and
shame of your memories fire wired ventricles
and auricles quaking out of beat. Tell me don’t
tell me I want to know so I can destroy them
like an angel in wrath going to battle for you.




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