No Mo’ Two by Fours

1 03 2010

god told Noah to gather them two by two
sometimes god makes mistakes like that
cats and dogs don’t fight like cats and cats

oh, there might be little spats
and bitches over territory
but none can fight like the male and female
of the same species.

Noah had a problem on his hands.
Imagine poets two by two.

it’s been forty days
and forty nights
since I had your mouth on my cock

they measured in cubits in those days
now gopher wood is hard to find and
there ain’t no mo two by fours
just two by twos in crap rapture

the flood is everywhere
no mountain high enough
life comes raining down

bills and medicine and
shit from other species
It’s a good thing we are poets.

The most pliable of creatures.

it would be easier if all a poet had to do
was to be pleasant and nice and all foo-foo
but poetry is about more than sunsets and rivulets
It’s a dirty job that someone has to do.

It’s not a job for thin-skinned nellies
we call on those with fire in their bellies
we stab the truth with a twisted blade
we ring the world like a bell of jade

we eat the hail
in bitter bites
It’s been forty days
and forty nights.




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