For Joe Campbell

2 03 2010

myths are like poems
in fact they are just enduring poems
truth illustrated in stories.

transformation is the stuff of myths
ancient reality tv
the gameshow and the western

symbols for our quest, our rambling
journey among stalagtites of soul
prisons and executions resurrectal

flourishes to renew our nativity rampant
Jeshua and Guatama and Gilgamesh
play poker and mooch on Bacchus’ party

your kiss is my only degree of recognition
i’ll brave institutions and the science police
for the heresy of your love

religions pale and philosophies go limp
before symbols and stories and
cycles of transition in latent faith




One response

23 04 2011
bob clifton

What’s up. I wrote you a note but this site ate it. So what’s happening? YOu okay?

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