Jazz and You

3 03 2010

I would like to sit a write high-flown poetry
And shake the world with my rhythms
But tonight it is cold
To the bone cold
And all I want to do is gather you
Under the covers and explore smoothness
And warmth
Let the jazz pour over us
Like a dusted confection
Drink dessert drinks and
Soothe the evening
With wiles and dreams.

The safety of your arms
My only ambition.
My hands, explorers of
The dark and warm.

The world freezes to a halt
And the jazz goes on
My hands seek your creases
Smooth arctic lips

The beat divides by our breath
I find your skin
My low-voltage furnace
Dive deeper
Dotted eigths and sixteenths
Burn low and blue
I search for jazz and you.




One response

1 05 2010

Bio Dynamic, Stellar Natural, and Fandango.
Occasional multi dimentional definations.
A course of study entices the simple minded!
Heart throb…ancient struts on the suitar…
the rooster quivers like an arrow.
You know the essence of my hearts quiver!
Roar like a Lion! Laugh like and Idiot! Be silent like Buddah…
Remember to re-emerge.
Our Being, like threads, intricately woven on Unitys’ Masterpiece.
Like threads on a cell phone and as easily deleted!
You remain in the Bio Dynamic memory of
Ultra Stellar Delight!
A Fandango on piano/guitar/and boots dancing across
the inter galactic block.
‘The minute I heard my first Love Story,
I began looking for you, not knowing how blind that was!
Lovers do not finally meet somewhere.
They are in each other all along…’

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