Karma Sutras

5 03 2010


it’s an awful fate to get what you ask for
dreams of longing or dreams fulfilled
I can’t tell you which is the greater curse
is yearning better or is it worse
than dreams like birds dashed against the glass?

the tea of hemp or sassafrass
is bitter until it’s sweet.
and across the street the pusher man
weighs his wares complete
with plastic bags and glossy names
he calls a gram a gram
he calls a dream a dream.

But things are never what they seem
A lotus eating insect rapture
the thoughts we lose, the thoughts we capture
silliloqueys lost, oh nothing is lost
as long as one person remembers

eternity is a dream suspended

moonlight’s amputee, a scarf floating
frozen in the pulse of string theory and loathing,
a carbohydrate bath oozing calories
the void has no dimensions
just a scattered ambulance
rushing to one fond emergency.

Each moment is a crisis, fer chrissake
the edge of poetry is only merciful when it’s sharp
as the skill of the executioner. Blunt like riddled verse.
In the End we all wish for death, the abandonment of reason.
Drunken oblivion is a slice of that calm eternity.

Wishes are better than money
for rash purchases, subscriptions and memberships
Karma and Credit are sister muses
and all that really confuses me is the economy
of supply and desire.

God is a lenient god.
We get what we ask for.


karma is a stripper
she teases and blinks
and advertises that which is not for sale.

karma is a bandit magician
sawed in half, submerged in the death tank
karma is houdini replete and escaping.

karma is the classic manic-depressive Bulimia Nervosa
eating and vomiting, eating and vomiting
the mock of cycles, fixed dimensions.

karma is a hooker, no, just a soft hook
I’ll suck your cock for a car payment or a rock
but only if you want to, that’s the charm of karma:

You make your choices and you take your chances.
karma is a joker and laughs in abandon
karma gives you four quarters for a dollar.




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