Song for Progeny

5 03 2010

My thoughts will turn to you like a flashback
Some microscopic crumb of LSD dislodges
And travels through my system and I begin to
Laugh and then to cry uncontrollably, prone.

When will our children come home? Before
Dark and sinister religions take them away
To live in cults and chant slogans and bow
Before slick products and philosophies.

Our sons and our daughters
Bless and haunt us
And teach us tender diplomats
Spawns of our own faith and
Imagination drawn like a scythe
Over germ and grain and threshing floor

Nothing is safe as a child, asleep.
Cuddled in the blanket of our care
Yes, we lose them to their dreams
But protect them in our heart’s monitor

The cord is never completely cut
And the process of exchanging blood
Never stops. Radiant, crimson breath
Exchange of latent karma and memory.

If I failed you, it’s not because I didn’t try.
I cherish your childhood as if it were my own.
What we can share, we share and what
We cannot is our solitude umbilical encased

Burnt embers of memories through
The generations linked and traiiling
Our members scattered like shuttle pieces
Over texas and the surrounding states

I have no ID but you can check my DNA
My fortitude, my progeny, specimens of art
I swing in the orbit of generations, before
And after, before and after, and on and on.




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