Time and Kudzu

5 03 2010

time moves forth
inexoribly like a thread
moves on even as we sleep
marches and manifests
marches and manifests
marches on in spite and because of
marches on stoic and resolved
marches on disregarding
deaths & births
wakings, sleepings
shudders, tribulations
my fuel mixture stretched and deprived
a glimpse of fate in the morning, what more?
marches on for promise, destiny

I capitalize on my opportnities
marching a soldier of lust hating to meet
the enemy
looking for laughs after the fact
like the road marches
reaching hopes and suspicions
camping in the tent of my dreams
black out the greyhound window
I, through trees laden with green and kudzu
choking their way to an oxygen destiny

Meridian, Tuscaloosa, Mobile Alabama
purged by thunderheads streaming
over the great Southland
fecund and strung
like the smell of lust in the morning
sunrise invited
I remember doing time on a bus
chained with no cushions and just
Beyond the Darkness Kudzu Consumes the Landscape




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