10 03 2010

We tumble along in five/four time
Rhythms overtaking melodies
The two against the three
The three against the two
And the lyrics left to us

I’m a three fingered django and
My chords are clustered
I can’t separate the bass from the melody
Our orchestration is tangled, harmony intrigue
Hormones are strong chemicals
We submit to our own bodies.

The reasons are in the present, not
The past all reason and dynamic synergy
Of memory arrested, shackled by our fear.

We use the simple words when the fancy words won’t do
Rhythm is remembered more than song
Yet the song
Yet the song

Gang-bang adolescence and
Running like a solo ambition
Alone, alone a capella longing
Nobody knows you when you’re,,,,

I held your head in my hands and moved it
Moved it to my pleasure; moved it to my ambition.
And you gave, gave your mouth and your rhythm
And the rocking chair rocked
It is your grandmother’s rocking chair
And you rocked me in generations
Generations lost and friendly
The rocking chair rocks
Five/four time




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