Astronaut Down – 2-1-2003

10 03 2010

When I plot the trajectory of
Our reentry into the womb
When I feel the bump of the atmosphere
And fire sucks around my ears
Like a turtleneck of friction dreams

Birdland is 200,000 ft
And air is a harsh substance
At 12,000 miles per hour.

I write to you, my love
On the eve of our disaster
Science-fiction fear and
Hyped-up newcasts

What can surpass the glory
Of being raped by air and fire?
Achieving vapor in two seconds?
Jamming with the ionosphere
Scatter my molecules over Texas

My love, My love
High risk occupations
My love, My love
Poetry with the risk of life and feeling
High Risk, My love my love

When I plot the trajectory of
My love
My love.

I fly my passion
For your love and the love
Of my race and science
Brave the known to
Drag the unknown into
Our orbit sanctuary of gravitiy

If I am pulled by friction, my love
Tormented by speed and heat
I will remember my mission
The solemn countdown and
The weightlessness, of my love
My love.

We step into space of our own volition
And take the risk for knowledge and glory
We take the step into discovery or oblivion
If I come home to you
My Love
My Love
It will be with treasure.

They settle like dust
Where I picked mushrooms
In Palestine, Tex
Spores of exploration

Falling anerobic
Like spores or snowflakes
Gathering a Winter of lament

Shattering into discovery on fire
A roller-coaster of thin molecules
High at the edge
Crimson erupts like a beard
Deceleration and searing friction
Humping like my mother humped
In joy, conception and birth
Our price for exploration




One response

10 03 2010

Interesting that you didn’t cut the top of my head off in this shot. I think the banner would be better if you had. Nice poem.

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