Venus Burning

10 03 2010

Light your hair, aphrodite on fire
Hissing into the sea
Your shell a rising decree
A statement of perfect beauty
In the youthful perk of your nipple

Not for love or money
Not for silence or music
Not for innocence or cunning
Not for pride or for trust.

Make History for Truth
Make love before and
After and in spite of war
Make love as if your hair was
On fire and rising
Joan de Arc in ashes
Rising to her faith.

Do we fight because we love
Or love because we fight, who knows?
Simply because the emporor has no clothes
Is no reason to run naked through your mantra

Venus rises with her hair in flames
Pointing fingers, naming names
She surfs her shell into the shore
Peace is peace and war is war

The smell of your hair
Sets me on fire.
You are a goddess capitalized
And running from olympus

You rise in a torrent of salt and steam
Locks ablaze and perfect breasts
I’ll light my dictionaries
And bannish words for you

My heart is a torch
Blue is the hottest part
My valves flutter in flame.




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