Bullshit Filters

11 03 2010

Bullshit filters are like
Dialysis machines strain
The blood gullibility osmosis
Sweep waste and illusion

A short jazz phrase terse
And syncopated with odd
Ninths and stacked elevenths
Like the weave of panty hose

Close fitting and silk
Can’t blow air through it
Woof so tight against the warp
Only truth bleeds to the other side

in the mechanics of reasoning
in the hydraulics of thought
we can absorb bogus information
as easily as we can absorb the truth
simple osmosis through a delicate membrane

the bullshit filter is a weave of facts and skepticism
it is a necessary appliance for balanced sight
and it is recommended that you change yours
every three months

for six simple payments of $19.95
we will deliver replacement filters
guaranteed to ionize your negative dreams
help you see that it’s not what it seems

consult your doctor, clean air has side effects




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