Business Models

11 03 2010


I’m writing a musical
Can’t decide whether to call it
Tattoo or Nipple Ring
heavy metal and punk rock
it’s about a garage band
called the buzzcuts or the knucklheads
and thier ancillairy groupie organization
and justin is the leader of the band
his tattoos are glorious
his piercings are myriad
queen of the groupies must be jennifer
and she has a mousy smart friend
the conflict is between playing for love
and the corporate world of music icon
machine and battle of the bands

I’m looking for backers

* * *

Movin to Montana Soon
(business plan)

After giving it away for years
i’ve instituted a new policy
I’ll write any poem you want
for five grand a page with a
two page minimum. Also have
some stock stuff on the shelf
you can have for two large.
Here at Lightning Rod Poetry
Products we aim to please so
for a limited time we offer
an assortment of quips, couplets
and limericks for several yards
but no dime bags it’s cash up front
If you wish the poet himself will
deliver the work finished and oiled
with flood lights and microphones
as specified in contract stipulations
such as my flute’s temperature can
only be between 73 and 79 degrees
then we’ll talk about surcharges and
expenses I travel only by oxcart over
unpaved roads but will settle for a
properly appointed sudan chair if it’s
bourne by young and fit female nubians.
To be frank I haven’t sold any of these
packages yet but I am sure with proper
advertising and promotion they will
fly off the shelf and I will be a poetry




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