Fractal Floozie

11 03 2010

eyes are starred
blasted ringed
like minor planets
trailer park solar systems
andromeda phone bills
star sixtysevened galaxy
to galaxy the love drone

forgive my density
a white dwarf
hardly visable in a twist
seatbelt tight for warp speed
coming to you
on a line of photons
spaghetti and the string
theory stinging my nostrils
like a hoove of coke
the code is too obscure

disasters have a cinnamon smell
tang in the nostrils demanding
dow jones and the leading indicators
riding the torque of the universe
tension and suspicion on one pole
trust and resolve on the other

my math is fine for astrophysics
but faulty for the checkbook
not penny wise and pound foolish
but linked to the larger things
like the gears of gravity and
the logic of saturn’s rings

the universe applies to economics
only fish are foolish enough to swim
and crabs are suited to the water planet
skeletons on the outside and sweet
the meat within; the nebulae yearn
for a name like yours.




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