Osama & Yo Mama (Nov. 2001)

11 03 2010

Holy Moses burned his ass on the Bush
No Navy Seals in those days
Renegade millionares in a resort of scorpions?
I put Bin Laden in a hottub full of houris
in terrorist paradise where the virgins are supermodels on tap.

Don’t mess with America
We’ll take Ground Zero and put up a hot dog stand
The very wound you inflict on our flesh
A color in our flag.

We all root for the forces of right and good.
The Theif of Bagdad and Robin Hood.
If you did what you should or did what you could
We all stand up for right and good.

St. George goes out to slay the dragon his daddy made
so we can dip our staws in the desert and stuff a bunch of
paper up their skirts. Gods and politicians can’t get enough press.

Send bad Bin Laden to a martyrs paradise?
Put him in stocks at Ground Zero.
After several seasons the people will come to love him
for accepting their mockery.

The germs of Allah have closed our government
Experts say they’re small enough to be lethal.
We know this is true because Experts say.
They’ve evacuated Congress in favor of Lysol and
Are about to Clorox the Constitution.

(Osama has trained an army of brown recluse spiders
they are now in deep cover in the US
These bugs are highly motivated fiddle bellied fanatics
and might be hiding anywhere.
If you see one trying to crawl onto a crop duster
It’s your duty as an American to vote for a stupidity tax
at airport gates and surrender your nail clippers. The second amendment does not cover mustashe scissors or eyebrow tweezers.
Besides the Bill of Rights is part of that old world
Before the Attorney General in plausable cadences
Explained how your rights belonged to him. It’s the only safe place for them. Habeas Corpus is an old joke at which
Only Lawyers Laugh.)




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