15 03 2010

beat is a suicide fertilizer bomber on the road to nowhere
ridin’ the Ryder to surf on a mainline baptism ruptured
mud sculptures that last until the next rain. Secret stoic
compassion bestowed with indifference radical give a shit
tears stream for the suffering but are dried by the road. Beat
is bleaker than Bleeker Street.

beat is mud drug into treads of boot heels unable to feel
their way through rude unawakenings, trod down into
matted soiled hearts, the part of an epiphany never achieved,
mouths miming please please let me up, no ears to hear, beat
the drum to the paranoid aorta, each short rhythm, an echo
beneath stretched animal skin on top of an empty container;
faint stained burgundy blood spilled on burnt carpets beneath
pierced arms; beat holds the charm of standing completely
naked in the street in front of a head on collision
too many miles per hour faster than an airbag
could save. rant and holler if you want.
beat’s got grave conclusions.

beat is destiny abandoned, ravished, captured, pinned
to the matte like a butterfly, wings still drubbing lanquid
as a crippled heart limping to nirvana on a cup of joe and a cigarette,
the bop solitude of a whiskey glass with no restrictions on your gut feelings
rampant tangents of the twisting road, the footprints to oblivion
and the butterfly wings beat soft like brushes on a death snare. The beat is
there; the beat is there.

beat is like being there, beat is like where you are when you’re
so far away from everything you ever knew and closer to everything
and everybody who knew you before then and then the beat is
everywhere you ever wanted to be while songs of mud enrapture and snare
tantalize the bare minimum maximum stares, traveling the road,
traveling the road, footprints to twisted

butterfly wings,
sings and sounds
of caws from crows,
toes too long
for the shoe, blisters formed
where forlorn insteps tried to support
the walk, each matting down, a step toward
beating down the mud. beating down
the mud. beating

the beat is here.
the beat is




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