Cracked Sonnet for Crazy Women

15 03 2010

how many times in my life
have I found myself living with a crazy woman? Several times.
so, I have to ask myself the question:
“am I just attracted to women who are crazy in the first place? or do I drive them there?”

This is a question almost too scary to ponder
I’m damned by either answer
if the mind is neither here nor yonder
what matter if she’s a singer or a dancer?

madness is a sexy trait
the ups and downs, the love, the hate
the rampant pupils like hot tubs in the moon
the ebullience, the ready tears, the swoons

it takes good sense to be crazy, they say
oh yes, give me a crazy woman any day

(note on the LRodian Sonnet: the form bears no rhythmic or metric resemblance to the Spencerian or the Shakespearian or the Petrarchian sonnets.)




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