15 03 2010

Here is my poetic foreplay:

Your eyes are like limpid pools
opalescent sheen
the gossamer veils of your lids
blink to match the pounding of my heart.

Frolicking illusions
Touching your nipples firm

(cut: you know I’m kidding, right?
can you imagine Lightning Rod writing such drivel?)

Or how about this?

The graves of forever
not conquered, you fool
seize the brief moments left

I would write bad poetry if I could
but if the omen lingers
and numbness touches my fingers

I can’t tell light from heavy
and I look for your desire
and find a phantom wish

or this

there are a lot of things that you can change in this world
you can change your mind
you can change your location
you can change your diet
you can change your clothes
you can change your habits
you can change your job
you can change your religion
you can change your political party
But you can’t change people

You have to take them as you find them.

You say you are lonely
I am not familiar with this term
when I am alone
I’m in the best company I can imagine.

But I’m just in the next room.
You can get through my barriers
easier than I can get through yours




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