Rate of Exchange

15 03 2010

You don’t understand men
and this is no fiction
what they need is a little friction
before you get them in the poetry bed

what causes the battle of the sexes
is a disagreement about the meaning of foreplay

does she say “I won’t, I won’t, I won’t.” until she will?
or is it the flowers and the candy and all the frills?

I’m all in favor of foreplay,
I just want to do it afterwards.

It has always amazed me
how ten minutes on her back
entitles a whore to
half a month’s of a cowboy’s pay

there is a simple imbalance
in the currency.

I don’t know if they have the yen in China
but I know they have it in Japan
and how many dollars that means, I don’t know
don’t even speak about pesos or euros

it’s all about the rate of exchange
the rate of exchange.




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