For Richard

16 03 2010

it was just a little fire at first
and then the explosion

too much ether in the air
humor can be the fatal spark

Richard just took too many risks
he was like Miles in that

how do we demonstrate weakness
how do we celebrate palsy?

how do we make our defeats into triumphs?
it’s not easy being a nigger with a sense of jive
and dignity stern as Ali

The spectacle of joy and joking
in the face of it, in the face of it.

I hear Miles’ muted melody
and Richard’s wicked twist.

get up, stand up
Add Bob Marley
stand up, stand up comedy

the humor of sadness
cerebral slapstick
the rampant gag of pure ideas
and gestures unrepentant

Fire is only rust on coke
the firm oxidation
crime and comedy go hand in hand.




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