16 03 2010

There are forces, I’m
not talking powers and principalities
here, no. But there are forces larger than instinct.

Loyalty or resolve doesn’t matter
in the face of these forces.
They are larger than the weather
or corporations or political parties.

These forces are vague as sunspots
and engulf entire planets
in storms of mood or madness
desire or conquest, peace or repose.

These forces are so large we breath them like the air.
They cross all categories, are vast and distinct.
They are the tears, the sweat, the farts of gods
the jealousy and the ambition of universes.

If I were omniscient I would still have to take out the trash.
It’s in the order of things, too large to understand,
like the breath of the universe or the blueness of the sky.

we cannot master these forces, they prevail like gravity intact.
Physics that we fail to understand. Mighty and miniscule.
Ravens in rapture gliding into their native blackness,
These powers like pawns queened and gilded.

The forces rule us,
the forces beyond our control
larger than the economy or the price of oil
larger than generations, epochs or eras.
not panic nor plague nor earthquake compare
with these forces
these forces.




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