Peak Beer

16 03 2010

When I took a peek into our refrigerator this afternoon I noticed to my chagrin that I had reached a situation of Peak Beer. I was coming into a part of the day when there is usually an observable increase in consumption and I was faced with dwindling supplies.

It’s not a pleasant situation. I can see why those who understand what is happening with respect to world oil supplies are nervous. It’s the same situation I’m facing, the promise of increasing demand and decreasing supply.

I suppose that I am lucky that beer is at least a renewable resource. I can always go to the store and buy more. Or if they don’t have it at the store because the delivery trucks have no fuel, I can make it myself.

But oil is not a renewable resource. When the tank is empty, it’s empty.

It’s easy to see why the heads of the oil-junkie corporations and politicians that they own are so anxious to exert control over the dwindling supplies. Hence we get into wars of colonial conquest.

The solution seems simple. Let’s run everything on beer.




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