Circus of Dreams

18 03 2010

We came to the compound
chain-link fence industrial
circus grounds with all the
geeks sticking nails in their
cheeks and tossing knives
and swinging, juggling misfits
inspired with rock n roll
scissors clipping the air

practicing the act
practicing the act
ever practicing the ACT.

sweat of love and effort
circus people intent
on perfection in one small thing
a unicycle or trapeze; tossing
chainsaws all in joy and abandon

And wanted me to join the band
I had to know they played with
feeling so I considered it.
This is when I remembered
I could fly.
From past dreams, even to childhood
First like a fledgeling with too much effort.
could barely get off the ground
Then as my dreams progressed
and I learned the willful value of my wings
I acheived flight more easily
Now the clowns and the barkers beckoned me–
the circus was always my dream

so, I took a step and
launched into the pool of air
Viscous air
my fingers grabbed it like a liquid
and I pulled myself upward
thinking of angels doing breaststrokes
and the thickness of the atmosphere
a jellied substance pulling me up and UP
the upturned faces of the clowns
told me I was in the circus now
A post-apocalyptic Barnum & Bailey
smells of sweat and sawdust and elephants
suckers with pocketfuls of curiosity and awe

I hovered above you
took you by the eyes
You didn’t think you could do it
but I knew better and gave your hand a tug
then on tiptoes
you released the ground
flying too
flying two
Both in the
Circus of my Dreams




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